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Expert panel interview: Gabriel Vargas


Gabriel Vargas is the Executive Medical Director and Head of the General Medicine, Bone & Neuroscience Therapeutic Area in Early Development at Amgen (CA, USA). Originally starting out in psychiatry, Gabriel has more recently worked on early development, biomarkers and diagnostics for Alzheimer’s disease, autism, schizophrenia and migraine.

We found out a bit more about his career path and where he thinks early stage Alzheimer’s research in particular is heading in the future.

What initially sparked your interest in neurology?

I was a college student not long after the publication of EO Wilson’s ‘Sociobiology’ which sparked much discussion on the nature vs nurture debate. This prompted me to study anthropology and genetics as an undergraduate which sparked my interest in human behavior. This in turn led to an interest in neuroscience since the brain is the substrate for human behavior.

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