The UK–Korea Neuroscience Symposium and the importance of collaboration with Kei Cho

Written by Sharon Salt, Editor

This summer, we had the pleasure of attending the UK–Korea Neuroscience Symposium (12–13 August, London, UK), which was a two-day event that promoted collaboration between neuroscience communities in Korea and the UK.

During this time, we spoke with Kei Cho (UK DRI at King’s College London, UK) to discover more about what initiated this collaboration, including how it has developed over the last few years. We also spoke with Kei about the future of the field and what developments he’s most excited to see.

Interview questions for Kei Cho:

00:05 – Please can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your role?

00:13 – Could you give us an overview of your research?

00:27 – What inspired you to work in the field of synapse biology and dementia?

01:08 – You’ve helped to organize this year’s UK–Korea symposium – what initiated this collaboration and how has it developed over the last few years?

01:52 – Why is it important to focus on the early stages of dementia?

03:05 – Looking forward, what developments are you most excited to see for the field?

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