Diagnosing dementia: an artificial intelligence-based visual test

Written by Jennifer Straiton (Future Science Group)

Since it was first diagnosed by Dr Alzheimer in 1907, diagnosis of dementia has not changed; doctors asked memory questions then as they do now. In a revolutionary approach, the company Cognetivity (London, UK) have created a new test for detecting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by focusing on image cognition and the brain’s ability to analyze visual information. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology they have produced an app that can determine whether a person has, or is at risk of developing, dementia in only 5 minutes. By measuring attention to detail, speed and accuracy the test can generate a score to guide primary care physicians in making decisions about a diagnosis independent of culture, language or education, all biases that can occur with current memory-based tests.

We spoke to company CEO Sina Habibi to find out more about this technology. In this video he introduces the newly developed test, discussing where he hopes to see the technology develop in the coming years and why he believes it is important to integrate modern technology with healthcare. He also gives a demonstration of their AI-based visual test in action and explains how the results are generated and evaluated.


00:05 – Could you introduce yourself and give a short overview of Cognetivity?

00:21 – Could you explain a little about your new cognitive platform?

00:57 – Where do you hope to see this technology go next?

01:25 – How do you hope to see this test used in primary care?

02:24 – Why do you think it is important to utilize modern technology for dementia diagnosis?

03:25 – A demonstration of the AI test

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