Angelman syndrome and Dup15q syndrome: two rare diseases working together to solve each other’s puzzles – a conversation with Jill Silverman and Nathalie Buscher

Written by Lauren Pulling (Neurology Central), Jill Silverman and Nathalie Buscher (both University of California, Davis, CA, USA)

At present, over 1000 rare neurological diseases have been recorded. With some of these diseases affecting only a handful of individuals worldwide, the very nature of them means that recognizing clinical features and developing treatments is a significant challenge not only for researchers and clinicians, but so too for patients and their families. Today marks Rare Disease Day, an international effort to raise awareness about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives. In honor of this, we spoke to Jill Silverman and Nathalie Buscher (both from University of California (UC), Davis, CA, USA), whose work centers on the rare...

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