DNA methylation and transcription onset in the brain

Written by Massart R, Suderman M, Mongrain V, Szyf M

Aim: The goal of this study was to test the state of methylation of transcription start positions in DNA that are actively involved in transcription. Materials & methods: We used sequential ChIP-bisulfite-sequencing with an antibody to RNpolII-PS5 to map the state of methylation of actively transcribing transcription start sites (TSS). Results: TSS that RNApolII-PS5 physically bind to, are ubiquitously unmethylated. TSS that appear to be both heavily methylated and transcriptionally active are truly a mixture of unmethylated TSS with bound RNApolII-PS5 in some nuclei and unbound methylated TSS in other nuclei. Conclusion: TSS DNA methylation is universally inconsistent with transcription...

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