Measurement in saliva from neurotypical adults of biomarkers pertinent to autism spectrum disorders

Written by Helen V Ratajczak & Robert B Sothern

Aim: Measure biomarkers pertinent to autism in saliva from humans. Materials & methods: At 7:30 PM (reading instructions) and 8:30 PM (hearing instructions), neurotypical adults (6 M, 6 F) each spat into tubes containing protease inhibitors. Cells were counted, samples aliquoted, frozen and thawed. Rationale was given for choice of biomarkers. ELISA: CD26, IL-12, carnitine, C4B, GSH, GSSG, MT-2, testosterone, IFN-γ. Mass spectrometry: cystine, glutamine, glutamic acid, GABA, serotonin. Electrochemiluminescentimmunoassay: cortisol. Radioimmunoassay: melatonin. Results: Cells averaged 2.16 × 106/ml. M > F: CD-26, C4B, MT-2. Testosterone, cortisol. Glutamine, glutamic acid, IFN-γ, melatonin and GSSG were measurable. Remaining biomarkers were measured...

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