BDNF and tau as biomarkers of severity in multiple sclerosis

Written by Azul Islas-Hernandez, Hugo Seacatl Aguilar-Talamantes, Brenda Bertado-Cortes, Georgina de Jesus Mejia-delCastillo, Raul Carrera-Pineda, Carlos Fredy Cuevas-Garcia & Paola Garcia-dela Torre

Neurodegenerative diseases have all been found to have a multifactor etiology. The more we study them, the harder it is to make an association between biomarkers and disease that works for every patient. A simple quantification of biomarkers gives no advantage to the daily clinician. Here, we have studied the biomarkers we thought would give us useful information about patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). A biomarker is defined as a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of a normal biological process, pathogenic process, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention [1]. Aim: Determine if serum levels...

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