NCTalks with Regina Katzenschlager: apomorphine as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Whilst at the AAN Annual Meeting (Boston, MA, USA, 22–28 April) last month, we caught up with Regina Katzenschlager, Medical University Vienna and Danube Hospital (both Vienna, Austria), whose research into the use of apomorphine for Parkinson’s disease was highlighted at the conference as one to watch.
In this interview, Regina tells us more about the recent Phase III trial, which provided evidence that the drug apomorphine, first produced in 1865, could be effective in the management of advanced Parkinson’s disease. Study data demonstrated that patients given apomorhpine infusion had a significantly greater reduction in ‘off’ time compared with those who were given a placebo infusion. Regina also discusses how she anticipates these recent findings could change the way clinicians prescribe apomorphine to patients.

You can also find more on this study here.