NCTalks with Irene Tracey: lessons from pain, analgesia and anesthesia

At the FENS Forum of Neuroscience (7–11 July, Berlin, Germany), we had the pleasure of speaking with Irene Tracey, who is a Professor based at the University of Oxford (UK). Irene is also the Head of the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (Oxford, UK), which includes a multidisciplinary taskforce working to understand neuroscience from a basic discovery perspective all the way through to clinical problems. Irene’s research particularly focuses on using neuroimaging to understand pain.
In this NCTalks podcast recorded at the event, Lauren Pulling (Publisher) speaks to Irene to find out more about her talk at FENS, including significant breakthroughs within the field and if we could ever have one standardized measure of pain. Listen to our podcast below to find out more.

Interview questions and time points:

00:08 – You’re presenting here at FENS the presidential lecture on imaging perception and lessons from pain, analgesia and anesthesia – can you tell us a bit about this please?

01:36 – There are a few different ways of measuring pain in patients, with many clinicians using tools like the McGill pain questionnaire. Do you think we could ever reach a point where we have one standardized measure of pain? Could this ever be a reality?

04:09 – What do you think have been the most significant breakthroughs in how we assess and measure pain?

05:47 – Looking ahead, what do you think are the biggest outstanding questions or priorities in the next 5–10 years?

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