NCTalks with Wendy Weidner: the global situation of dementia

Whilst at the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference (22–23 May, London, UK), we had the pleasure of speaking to Wendy Weidner, the Research and Policy Project Lead for Alzheimer’s Disease International (London, UK), to hear more about her talk on ‘A world without dementia’.
In this #NCTalks podcast recorded at the event, Sharon Salt (Editor) speaks to Wendy to find out more about the work that Alzheimer’s Disease International is carrying out in terms of dementia globally, as well as the key challenges and biggest achievements involved to date.

Interview questions and time points:

00:36 – First, please could you introduce yourself and tell us about your current role?

02:08 – You’re presenting a talk on the global situation of dementia later – can you tell us more about this and the current landscape that led to this project?

04:04 – What has been the biggest achievement so far in terms of the situation of dementia globally?

05:32 – What are the key challenges surrounding dementia collaboration strategies and how do you hope to overcome them?

07:24 – Finally, what do you think the next steps will be?

Find out more about the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference and recent dementia research below: