NCTalks with Terry Burns: neuroregeneration and repair

In this edition of NCTalks, we’ll be exploring the field of neuroregeneration with Dr Terry Burns as part of our latest Spotlight.
The limited capacity for repair in the nervous system represents a significant medical challenge – as the field works to address this, we’re learning more and more about innate regeneration, as well as how the regenerative process can be harnessed and exploited to treat neurodegenerative disease and facilitate repair following injury.

In this podcast, Lauren Pulling (Editor) speaks to Dr Terry Burns, who practices and leads a research group at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in the USA. His research group is developing regenerative strategies to optimize neurological function and quality of life for patients with brain tumors, neurological injuries and neurodegenerative diseases, with particular research focuses radiation-induced brain injury, microglial biology and cell-based regenerative therapies. Dr Burns tells us about his research, as well as the core challenges in bringing basic regenerative research through to the clinic, and where the field could be heading in the coming years.

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