‘Should we retire the term concussion?’: live debate from Frontiers in TBI

Written by Neuro Central

Whilst at the Frontiers in TBI conference in London (UK, 13–14 July 2017), we were delighted to film and live-stream a debate asking ‘Should we retire the term concussion?’, which you can now watch online.
The lively debate featured speakers David Sharp (Imperial College London, UK) and Lee Goldstein (Boston University, MA, USA), and also included questions from the audience, both present and remote.

Ahead of the debate, conference co-organizer Lucia Li (Imperial College London) said: “‘Concussion’ is a term that is very widely used, and it’s applied to a whole range of head injuries – from a sportsperson who is knocked out during a match, to the person who bangs their head in a fall and gets lots of symptoms afterwards. This debate is about whether ‘concussion’ is a useful word to use – whether it helps diagnosis and guide treatment, or whether it muddies the water because it is applied to too many situations. Lee and David are fantastic speakers who will bring this topic to life as they each try to persuade you of their point of view!”

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