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Neuroinflammation: a precursor and promoter of oncogenesis


Despite significant advancement in the treatment of brain cancers, challenges remain in effecting targeted therapies. In some respects that is due to the poor penetrance of chemotherapeutics across the blood–brain barrier (BBB) where the compound can have direct effect upon the tumor in the CNS. The concept of targeted chemotherapy delivery to the tumor bed or to the brain is gaining significant interest because of the potential to circumvent the BBB. Neurosurgeons have explored multiple methods for delivery of intratumoral therapy including nanoparticles, gene therapy, intrathecal instillation of chemotherapy, wafer chemotherapy, immune induction and convection-enhanced delivery [1]. What has not received very much attention is the investigation of means to mitigate the inducers and drivers of tumorigenesis and the potential for predicting which patients may suffer from tumors as a result of abnormally expressive inflammatory genes.

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