NCTalks with Jerrold Vitek: Parkinson’s, neuromodulation and collaboration

As part of our Spotlight on neuromodulation, we spoke to Jerrold Vitek, Professor of Neurology and prominent voice in this ever-expanding field. Dr Vitek is currently the Head of the Neurology Department and Director of the Neuromodulation Research Program at the University of Minnesota (MN, USA), and is the PI for a number of non-human primate and human clinical studies on the neurophysiology of movement disorders and neuromodulation mechanisms.
In this interview, Dr Vitek tells us more about the work of the Neuromodulation Research Center, shares his perspective on how the field of neuromodulation has progressed in recent years, and discusses the biggest challenges associated with refining and developing new neuromodulation therapies for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.