SfN19: Uncovering the complex interplay between microglia, neuroinflammation and disease pathology

Written by Jade Parker (Future Science Group)

Credit: Gerry Shaw/Wikimedia Commons​​​

Several studies presented at SfN Neuroscience (19–23 October 2019, Chicago, IL, USA) have shed light on how changes in microglia impact both neuroinflammation and disease pathology in mice.  “This represents research that helps us understand the underpinnings and mechanisms of neuroinflammation,” commented press conference moderator, Donna Wilcock (University of Kentucky, KY, USA). “We are only beginning to understand the complex interplay between the immune system and the brain, and we don’t yet know how to manipulate it effectively. This research will further our understanding of these challenges and find a way forward to treat patients with inflammation due to disease...

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