NCTalks with Tara Spires-Jones: ApoE4, synapse degeneration and Alzheimer’s

In this latest edition of NCTalks, Lauren Pulling (Editor) chats with Tara Spires-Jones, a Professor of Neurodegeneration at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Tara is Deputy Director of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences and Program Lead at the Edinburgh center of the UK Dementia Research Institute. Tara is also Chair of the Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) Grant Review Board, and is active is science communications and outreach – making her a very busy person!
In this podcast recorded at the ARUK Conference in London (21–22 March 2018), Tara shares her recent research into the roles of ApoE4 and clusterin in synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease and the viability of synapse degeneration as a treatment target. Tara also discusses animal models of neurodegeneration, the impact of cuts to neuroscience funding, and the importance of mentorship in science.

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